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Wow! If it’s not a Pandemic, it’s a Forest Fire!

Aside from making piles of face masks, I was able to work on some projects over the last months of the pandemic. These are the smaller ones that have been finished. I enjoyed each one! Snuggling in for some stitching and a movie in the evenings was therapy from the news! Notice they are a bit smaller than my usually more ambitious projects! It seemed hard to settle on a big project being so distracted with the news, but I was able to focus on these small pieces even during a pandemic, and feel like some progress was being made. Another, larger project will be featured in a separate post, and two others are in process (one on the design wall and one on the floor)!

And now the forest fires! Oregon is engulfed. So many friends have been evacuated, some have lost their homes, and all of us are experiencing unbelievably poor air quality which will last for weeks. I’ve made my home available to friends in evacuation areas, donated food and toiletries, and today dropped off some quilts. There are many changes to deal with on a daily basis, but I’m feeling grateful that our family is safe and our home is not at risk.

So, let me tell you about the projects shown above! The filming was for a promotional video done with QuiltFolk as they featured my DIY Barn Quilt Kits in August. You may even recognise Michael McCormack, publisher and vidoegrapher, and Bre who handles logistics, media, shipping and photography! We spent a fun morning together.

Project #1 was a Row by Row quilt designed by my friend Tracy Hickey and available at Piece By Piece as a pattern or kit.

Project #2 is a fun embroidery project by another friend Laura Wasilowski, of the Chicago School of Fusing! Great all-around person, awesome sense of humor and just plain fun and talented! This was a free pattern she offered early on in the pandemic.

Projects #3 & 4 are little Sue Spargo wool/embroidery kits I ordered on line from The Stitchin Post. I think I will frame them. The colors suit my sensibility and I will find the perfect spot to show them off.

Project #5 is a covered/wrapped clothes line table mat. I’ve made a few of these and just love the scrappy way the colors work together. The print of each fabric ends up being hidden, but the color comes through. You might notice that I’ve started leaving the tail ends of the rope exposed, and frayed! It gives it a fun whimsical look that I enjoyed, so I will definitely do that again.

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Footstool Class? Check!

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A fun group of girls and I just finished the latest Footstool Class at Piece By Piece Fabrics in Eugene!  This class had no problems diving in with both feet and sewing up a storm!  They easily finished the  “Part One” class, learning how to foundation piece the panels that eventually become the upholstery for their own amazing footstool.  “Part Two” brought us together again, and in about 2 hours we were taking pics of the finished projects!  I LOVE to see the fabric combinations come together, the button choices and the embellishments.  What fun to have a student use Guatamalen fabrics, and then add embroidery!

Everytime I teach this class I wonder why I don’t do it more often!  Hope you can join my next class.  Shhh!  (It’s not advertised yet, but the dates will be April 4th and 18th).  The best part–everyone was saying–is taking home a finished project!  Whether you live close by, or far away you can always get the KIT, I ship them all over the country including a 9-page instruction booklet to make sure you won’t have any trouble finishing.


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Footstool Mania!

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The latest footstool class started up yesterday at Piece By Piece in Eugene!  What a fun group!  Everyone is making so much progress with their sewing.  The first class is centered around learning how to make the “upholstery” for the footstool, as well as getting to know each other,  seeing everyone’s fabric choices, and plenty of laughter and encouragement all around.   The sewing machines were humming, and the conversation was lively!  We’ll get back together in two weeks to actually construct the footstool!  There’s a little homework to be ready for that class, and that day is so remarkable!  Everyone will go home with a completed project!  I truly cannot wait to see them finished, stay tuned for more pictures of that day.

Of course you know you can make one for yourself by ordering the kit!  It comes with a 9-page instruction booklet and all the “parts” you’ll need.  Of course you get to choose your own fabric, feet and decorative button to personalize it.  Scroll down on my shop page to find it here!

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Footstool for a Fairy Princess!

 Baby Grace

What a beautiful baby! So sweetly sleeping on a footstool made by my daughter-in-law Samantha and I for this wee little one, the one week old daughter of Samantha’s boss.  The photographer, Nicole Hart of Portland, OR. added her deft touch and Ta-Da!  Pure magic! I’d love to see birthday pics of this baby with her footstool as she grows! May she have a happy and healthy life!

Of course, you could make your own footstool in my next class at Piece By Piece Fabrics in Eugene, or order the kit if the distance is too far. Naturally you will add your own fabrics and finishing elements (feet and buttons). Included are 9 pages of pictures throughout the narrative instructions making it easy to be successful.  I always have them on hand, so there is no delay.

My next post (you will see later) is related to this, an idea using up the left-over fabric from the footstool, you’ll probably want to make that too!

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Footstool classes coming up soon!

photoMy footstools always get a lot of attention, and YES they are a fun addition to my classes.  I teach the class over two days, generally about 2 weeks apart (since there is homework to do between the classes).  The classes are so fun!  At the end of the second class you end up with a FINISHED project, not something you have to take home to finish!  Of course I’ve seen it done in dozens of different fabric collections and from cotton, flannel, silk ties, fleece, home dec fabrics and corduroy! IMG_0066

There are a couple of opportunities coming up soon to join a class!  For any of you in the Roseburg, Oregon area, call The Country Lady quilt shop for a class scheduled March 30th and April 13th.IMG_0414

Just a few weeks later there will be a class in Eugene, Oregon at Piece By Piece on May 4th and 18th.    I’d love to see you at either of these classes.  They tend to sell out and have a waiting list, so don’t wait too long to join the fun!Footstool Project

Sheila's footstool