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The Pine Needlers Quilt Guild, Lowell, Oregon

I should be taking more pictures, but at least I got these!  I’ve been able to go to the Pine Needlers Quilt Guild, it’s so fun getting to know these remarkable women!  They are fun, creative, GREAT cooks, supportive and friendly, all the things you’re likely to see in a group of quilters!  They meet once a month at the Fire Hall in Lowell.  Sometimes I just want to sit and visit with everybody, and sometimes I actually sew, hahaha!  These girls put on a fun quilt show for the Blackberry Jam festival every summer, complete with a fantastic raffle quilt. (I have tickets if you’re interested).  ALL the proceeds go back into the community, they don’t keep a penny for themselves, so generous!  Next time I go I’ll get a pic of their banner quilt for you to see. You may remember that I was honored to receive a couple of ribbons at their show last summer, and you can read more about that here.  The ribbons are handmade, I’m so proud of them!