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Dedication mystery solved!


I’m often asked how I choose whom to dedicate my books.  The question comes up each time I have a new book release, and this time is no different.  Of course I love talking about my books, and the dedication is a very meaningful part of it for me.  My first two books were dedicated to different members of the family who had been supportive since my childhood and encouraged my sewing/quilting/craft habits, and who generally inspired my by their own creativity.

My new release from C&T, “Get Addicted to Free Motion Quilting” I felt I wanted to dedicate it to the people who were directly involved with my beginning as a longarm quilter.  Let me tell you about Judy Dillree, a long-time friend and quilter who seemed to think my crazy idea of buying a longarm machine (without ever having touched one) was a no-brainer!  She took me around to her favorite shops in the big city and from that I was able to develop a full time business in a matter of–no joke–less than six weeks!  I had no thought then of becoming an author, but looking back it was a huge leap to where I’ve taken the business today!

The quilters I’ve included in the dedication are those who taught me so much, either in their classes, or by simply looking at their outstanding work.  So, to Janet Fogg, Linda Taylor, Jodi Beamish and Marilyn Badger, thank you for  your insight, willingness to share, creativity and continuing freshness! You still inspire me!