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I couldn’t stop!!

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Well, you know how it is!  You get an idea, and you just have to see how it looks in every fabric, every embellishment, every which way imaginable!  Yup!

I started making these 4patch blocks to use  up some terrific fabric  from Bambini Fabrics I had left over from another project, and BAM there I was with an armful of these FUNNEST EVER paper weights!  I’ve filled them with crushed walnut shells, some with lavender, and some with a combination.  Oh, the scent is heavenly!  I use them to actually hold papers from escaping the pile in my office, will give some to each of my girls for their offices, and the scented ones will be used around the house–home dec–and in our dresser drawers.  Need to make more, they’re going fast!

I’ll be posting a tutorial soon, with other ideas and resources for the supplies!  Have a spectacular day!