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All choked up!

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You know what happens when a friend makes one of your patterns, in a better version than the original? You get all choked up thinking that SHE wanted to try one of YOUR patterns, and that she chose such AMAZING fabrics! That’s what happened to me at the Pine Needler’s Quilt Guild a couple months ago. There were two lovely ladies that who brought show and tell of my patterns!  It was very touching, and though I didn’t break into the UGLY cry, I did get all choked up! Lora made a spunky version of “A New York Minute”, changing the size of the quilt just a bit. Her fabric and quilting just make me want to SHOUT! (Lift my hands up and) SHOUT! Come on now!
Virginia made an awesome “Swiss Army Quilt” in green and yellow, that is to die for! I hadn’t seen this pattern made in any other color but red, so it was a real treat to see it so well made, and quilted by Lisa of Towerhouse Quilts.
Both of these patterns are from my last book, Perfect Fit Pieced Borders.
If you EVER make one of my patterns, be sure to send pics so I can see the results!