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New CLASSES happening at License To Quilt!

Lots of new classes are on the upcoming schedule! Both Barn Quilt Painting classes and a Color Wheel Footstool class will happen this Spring.

I’m excited to be on the road again, and you know I love a project! So, putting together these classes with the supplies needed, and organizing the classes in a way that everyone can be successful is what I do best.

Just a glimpse of what’s coming up: (See my event page for further details)

  1. Barn Quilt Painting Class! Saturday March 5: Snohomish, WA Quilting Mayhem

2. Color Wheel Footstool Class! Friday March 25 and Tuesday March 29: Salem, OR Mid Valley Quilt Guild

3. Lecture, “Perfect Fit Pieced Borders”. Tuesday March 29: Salem OR Mid Valley Quilt Guild

4. 2 Barn Quilt Painting Classes! Friday April 1 and Saturday April 2: Sisters, OR The Stitchin’ Post

5. Barn Quilt Painting Class! Saturday April 9: Portland, OR The Cotton Cure

6. Barn Quilt Painting Class! Saturday April 23: Tillamook, OR Tillamook Coast Visitors Association

7. Barn Quilt Painting Class! Thursday May 12: Eugene, OR (Contact me to register)

8. Also in June I will be traveling to Wasilla, Alaska for a lecture and classes! More about that later as the date approaches.

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Color Wheel Footstool, Close-up!

My Color Wheel Footstool design has gotten a lot of attention this year! We are all looking for a fun project to keep our minds and hands creating something pretty and useful. The Color Wheel Footstool is exactly that, and I can ship a pattern and kit right to your door. There is even an instructional tutorial for making the foundation pieced panels, so no question that you can finish this project. When we think of making a quilt of 20-30 or more blocks, we rarely hesitate. Well, the Color Wheel footstool has essentially 8 blocks, easy-peasy!

Occasionally I receive a picture and comments from folks who have completed their footstool. I like to highlight them here and love seeing the color and fabric choices of each one. The Color Wheel Footstools shown here are from all over the country. They each have their own personality, and I am so proud of Becky, Linda and Cindi for their wonderful workmanship and for finding the finish line on this project.

Christmas is coming!

There is still plenty of time to make a Color Wheel Footstool (or a few) as gifts for some special people, and don’t forget YOURSELF! I have seen so many unique fabric collections work for this project, almost anything goes, and that includes pulling it all from your stash, or using a variety of fabric types such as cotton, flannel, corduroy, fleece, silk–as in silk ties, etc. Use your imagination to create your one of a kind family heirloom! Click HERE to get yours!

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Whoa! That was fast!

Having just recently sent out MANY Color Wheel Footstool Kits, all over the US, I was surprised when pics of this first finished footstool was sent to me! Becky A. has a charming fabric collection, with perfect sewing and construction of the footstool, and also the perfect model to show it off! Isn’t Ginger cute, you can tell she loves the footstool too! You can find the Color Wheel Footstool Kit on my SHOP page with some other irresistible projects.

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Color Wheel Footstool Tutorial

Never enough footstools!

There have been a LOAD of Color Wheel Footstools shipped out over the past 2 weeks, after a wonderful blitz of attention it got from being the feature of Quiltfolk! I wanted to make sure you can all find my tutorial for sewing the panels that make up the Color Wheel Footstool. Click the Link to find it on youtube, it will make it easy to complete your panels!

Click Here!

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Interview at the Bee Hive!

Anna & Sheila in the Bee Hive!

I want to share a video with you today from Anna of “Quilt Roadies on You Tube” fame, you may also know her blog “Woolie Mammoth“.  We talked together a couple weeks ago after a class I taught at the Stitchin Post in Sisters, Oregon.  Anna was in the class and invited me to her home studio, The Bee Hive for a visit.  Well, as you can imagine, when two quilters get together we have SO MUCH to talk about, and now you get to hear some of it too!

Click through HERE to see the video!  We actually didn’t talk all that much about quilting! It features my currently most popular classes–I think you’ll enjoy it, and you will see how much fun we had together!