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Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!

Ahhhhh!  The quilt show was outstanding as usual, I LOVED the staff quilts, all hung on the side of the Stitchin Post, my favorite was by June Jaeger; a view of her drive home at dusk with lighted houses.  It was a bright sunny day—-right up until it wasn’t!  But I was gone by then, so my images here–a few eye-catching quilts of the day–are all from the morning and mid-day sunshine.  I met up with some friends from Eugene at the Modern Quilt Guild meet-up, as well as some from Portland and Central Oregon.  While I was there, it was what we call a “blue bird day”, no clouds, beautiful mountains in the background, main street blocked off to traffic and  quilt after quilt of eye candy!  I”ve been going for about 25 years so far and have no intentions or reasons to stop!