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Spring Market 2012, Kansas City

Last week I was singing “I’m goin’ to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come!”  This week I’m wondering how it could have gone by SO FAST!  It was a jumble of book signings, meetings, wandering in and out of booths and talking to people.  I loved the colors, seeing the new fabrics, meeting old friends and making new ones!  Every day I went back to my hotel with a brain that couldn’t settle down and go to sleep!  For now, here’s a few pictures, but in the next few days I’ll be adding some fun inspirations from Market that caught my eye.  I’m so excited for Spring Market to be in Portland next year!

2 thoughts on “Spring Market 2012, Kansas City

  1. You must be home by now and I hope you’ve been able to upack and get a good night’s sleep in your very own bed. It was lovely to have you at Women of the West (metro) on Monday night. Lots of members said how much they enjoyed your clever piecing strategies AND loved, loved, loved your footstools — large and small! Great program. Thank you!!!

  2. It was a fun night Lori! Thanks for arranging it!

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