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Rhododendron Quilt Guild, Florence Oregon

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Once again I’ve had a ton of fun at the Rhododendron Quilt Guild in Florence!  We got together for a lecture and trunk show. The following day we got together again for a fun class at the stunning conference room at Driftwood Shores.  The room is large, plenty of space for 20+ quilters, cutting tables, ironing boards etc.  We all had more than enough elbow room for working on A New York Minute, and even got to do our “seventh inning stretch”! (More about that in another post!)  Thank you to the guild for arranging my time there, and to Marcia for hosting me at her guest house!  I had a wonderful time and found a working 1927 Singer sewing machine in an antique shop, BONUS!  A couple quilters brought the finished quilts (Adjust the Horizontal from my first book, Pieced To Fit) they had made in a class with me in 2005–very impressive!  Can’t wait to come back and see all the New York Minutes!  We’ll be talking 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rhododendron Quilt Guild, Florence Oregon

  1. Nothing could be better than sewing at the coast! Love the photos….looks like one happy group of quilters!

  2. It was a big class, and everybody made so much progress! The fabric choices were very creative. There was chatting and laughter all day long!

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