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Not ready to give up Christmas yet!

Check out this awesome Christmas quilt!  Makes me wish it were mine, and I have the perfect spot to hang it!  The quilt top was very well made by my friend Pat.  She used a TON of scrappy fabrics which make it so interesting to look at, and the narrow “logs” in the Log Cabin blocks give it a lot of texture.  Then the quilting was added, and you can see how much fun I had doing that!!  The finished piece is just outstanding!  I hope I get to see it again someday, maybe hanging in a quilt show?!  (hint-hint) 🙂

I was able to work on this quilt in the beginning of December and kick-start that holiday feeling, and I’m enjoying it again now, stretching the holidays out as long as I can!

4 thoughts on “Not ready to give up Christmas yet!

  1. Oh my gosh Sheila, that your quilting is absolutely beautiful! I love the movement that it gives to the piece. Nice job!

  2. Thanks Lisa! It was really fun to design the unique shape of the feathers in the background.

  3. This is a stunning quilt! It feels traditional and fresh at the same time. I love how the quilting enhances the central wreath and adds so much detail to the lighter area. Wow!

    1. Thanks, Paula! You just hit the nail on the head about what quilting is supposed to do! It was fun to work on this quilt, I really didn’t want to give it back!

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