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Next Footstool Class Dates!

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We’ve set dates for the next Footstool Class at Piece By Piece in Eugene. Mark your calendars for August 3rd and 17th. I teach this class in two parts, with some time in-between for a little homework!  In the first class you’ll learn how to make the “upholstery”, then in the second class we will construct the footstool!  It’s always so fun to see the fabric choices and creativity quilters use in choosing their footstool feet and for the tufting button!  I LOVE it when someone uses something really original!  Once I had a friend use some vintage filigree claw  feet from a bath tub–they are outstanding!  Call Piece By Piece 541 743-0266 to register.  It only takes about 3 hours per class, so it’s not a huge comitment of time.  You’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy the summer sunshine!

Some of the pictures included today are from quilters who made them on their own without the class.  They ordered the kit and sent me pictures when they had finished.   I’m so proud of them!  If you want to order a kit (it comes with great instructions, including LOTS of pictures) click over to my SHOP page.

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  1. Just like candy! I love these footstools! And if I didn’t already have two, I’d make another one!

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