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My Quilting Life

For those of you who haven’t met me, or never even heard of me, and for those of you who have, but are still curious, I’m a professional quilter! For me that means I started out as a longarm quilter, learning by the seat of my pants for the first year or so. After that I was lucky to be able to attend my first Machine Quilters Showcase, a longarm convention, and was bowled over, overwhelmed and inspired! I had seen the light and opened my eyes to the awesome possibilities of longarm quilting. That enlightenment continues to this day, more than ten years later.

I’ve been lucky to have quilted about 1800 quilts, taught longarm classes nationally and locally, designed quilts, authored a book (a second book will be ready for Spring Quilt Market 2011), developed a line of quilt patterns, taught piecing and project classes and best of all admired, touched, bought, stashed, stored, sewn and generally loved thousands of yards of fabric! What a life! I’ve been lucky to have met and learned from so many quilters, some famous and some not so famous, but all so interesting and talented, their energy has been inspiring and infectious.

I have lots of ideas, and can’t wait for the next inspiration. Since I started out as a longarm quilter, the quilting is very important to me, so just let me warn you, you’ll be hearing a lot more about that!

4 thoughts on “My Quilting Life

  1. Very inspiring…makes me want to quilt right NOW!

  2. Thanks! I think we should!

  3. Love this new site Sheila! It’s a wonderful glimpse into your personal and professional life.

    1. Thanks Sandy! It’s so much easier to update now! Great to hear from you–I hope we’ll see each other soon!

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