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Modern Heirloom Quilting!

Follow Me on PinterestI’ve been working for several days on a modern heirloom for my friend Pam.  She has a wonderful story to tell about this quilt that includes a day of laughter and fun with her college-age daughter, picking up leaves that were blowing in the wind and taking them home to press.  From that day came this original quilt design with the color gradation, tossed leaves and twining ribbon applique, made completely from her stash!  So cleverly designed, and well made!  We first talked about simple flowing quilting, but the longer I had it in my studio, the more I realized it could really handle some serious quilting.  Here are the results!  Only seeing it in person would be better!

Here’s to you, Pam

7 thoughts on “Modern Heirloom Quilting!

  1. Just lovely — and the quilting! Extraordinary!

  2. Once again, you have shown that you are a world class quilter!
    Thanks for taking my “do something different”-“out of the box”-“happy memory quilt” and creating a “Modern Heirloom”!
    Here’s to our continuing celebration of quilting!!!

  3. Pam, I am always happy to work on your quilts, past, present and future!
    Lori, thank you so much! It is stunning, right?

  4. Wow! That’s magnificent! Pam must be thrilled!

  5. Thanks Lisa! Can’t wait to show it to you in person!

  6. Sheila, you did an incredible job on that quilt. I love the combination of traditional and new quilting design elements. Highlighting the ribbon applique with feathers was a great idea, and making the elements pop out with the bubble fill worked great! I couldn’t quite see the detail quilting in the shaded pieced blocks, but I can tell it is also “just right.” I love your title “Modern Heirloom Quilting,” it describes what is happening in the quilting world perfectly!

  7. Robin, Thanks so much! It was exciting to see the finished quilt come off the quilt frame!

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