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Missing in Action!!

There has been a LOT of action taking place at my studio lately, enough to keep me from posting much lately.  Thanks to all of you who didn’t loose hope that I would return eventually!

This photo is of a quilt I finished recently, a fun project, just for NO REASON!  Those are the most relaxing quilts to finish!  Since then I’ve finished up 12 quilts for a SPECIAL PROJECT! (More about that later).  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I’m getting my home ready for a big day of cooking, eating, laughter, maybe a few games.  It’s always the best when the family gathers up. quilting buddy

It feels good to be able to get back to my routine of posting regularly.  I have a lot to share about the last couple of months!  Thanks to my quilting buddy Lisa at Towerhouse Quilts for letting me use her beautiful studio for some photos I needed.  This is one she took over my shoulder!

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  1. Your “no reason” project is absolutely colorful and fun! And the quilting on it is spectacular, so it was fun to see it up close. Great job! And happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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