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“Mini-Me”! Color Wheel Pincushion!

[slideshow]SWEEEEET!  You’re gonna love this pincushion!  It’s been so fun to design and make, I’ve made a few already with a variety of fabric collections.  It hardly takes any fabric at all, and goes together so fast.  Make it today, use it tonight!  You’ve seen my big footstool, and this is the “mini-me” version in a 4″ diameter!  Perfect for treating yourself, or for gifts.  I’ve been able to pull together a kit which includes the foam, crushed walnut shells, tufting cord, felt, instructions and the plywood base with hardware to install your purchased feet.  All you add is the fabric and feet!  What could be easier!  I think I’ll make a truck-load of these, just for the fun of it!  When you orderyours, I’ll send it out the next day!

7 thoughts on ““Mini-Me”! Color Wheel Pincushion!

  1. […] have lots of Color Wheel Pincushion Kits and Color Wheel Footstool Kits ready to ship out for those of you who love to give handmade gifts […]

  2. I would like to order the pincushions.

  3. I was wondering what tufting thread is. Thanks

    1. Thanks for asking Suzanne! Tufting thread is actually a heavy weight cording that will withstand the tension put on it to tuft the button down into the pincushion. It is included in the kit!

  4. I bought a kit while in Florida but I have lost the instructions, where can I get a copy of them with the instructions for the type of drawer pulls I need? Thanks

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