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  • Barn Chicks Pattern Available NOW!! - My absolutely MOST requested Barn Quilt pattern is the Barn Chicks! With four repeated chicks to choose colors for, you can easily imagine it in your favorite colors, natural chick colors, or something more artsy! They’re ALL my favorite, and in fact I think I need another one every time I see a student’s color […]
  • In the Spirit of Hot Winter Drinks! - The Spirit of Winter makes me thing of many cozy things, like a burning fireplace, a fuzzy robe, flannel pj’s, and yes, a good hot drink as I’m watching a movie, or having family time with a puzzle or a deck of cards. To celebrate those ideas, I’m introducing today for the first time my […]
  • Stash busting!! - Fellow Stash Busters! There’s a story behind every quilt, some are planned and some are spontaneous, and this one definitely falls is the last category. You may remember a fun quilt I did a couple years ago which was published in Quilts and More, (photo used with permission). Well, that fabric collection was from MODA, […]