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  • Stash busting!! - Fellow Stash Busters! There’s a story behind every quilt, some are planned and some are spontaneous, and this one definitely falls is the last category. You may remember a fun quilt I did a couple years ago which was published in Quilts and More, (photo used with permission). Well, that fabric collection was from MODA, […]
  • Color Wheel Footstool, Close-up! - My Color Wheel Footstool design has gotten a lot of attention this year! We are all looking for a fun project to keep our minds and hands creating something pretty and useful. The Color Wheel Footstool is exactly that, and I can ship a pattern and kit right to your door. There is even an […]
  • Quilt Goes Off To College! - I love giving quilts to family and friends! There are some occasions that just seem to call for a warm cozy hug from home, and going off to college feels like a perfect moment to let someone know you are thinking of them, hoping for good things to come their way and celebrating the new […]