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Footstool Upcycle!

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How much do you LOVE this footstool made by my friend Pam!!!!  I can’t get over the sophisticated look she got out of some recycled sweaters!  Here’s what happened: A VERY talented group of women in Seattle found a wonderful way to support Green Eileen, by participating in the Chop Challenge!  The challenge is to create an auction  piece by using materials which have been provided from donated clothing.  Please go to the Green Eileen website to find out more, and to see the events coming up soon in the Seattle area, including the “Chop Challenge” on October 3rd from 5-8pm.

In the meantime, let me explain that Pam used her creativity, imagination, and one of my footstool kits to make this piece for the auction!  I don’t know how she will be able to give it up! Seriously!!  I may have to copy her idea! You can too, by ordering a kit from my “Shop” page, and adding your own collection of recycled materials!

3 thoughts on “Footstool Upcycle!

  1. Sheila, that is truly beautiful! It’s amazing how color choices (or in this case, probably lack of choice) made for a stunning result. It really shows off the shape and style of the footstool.

    1. Thank you so much Paula! I love all the fabric selections and choices everyone makes! Great to hear from you, I know how creative you are!

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