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Featured Quilt of the Week! Sunwashed Summer

Sunwashed Summer was a quilt I designed a while back, it is featured in my book “Perfect Fit Pieced Borders”.  My quilting buddy Lynne A. helped by doing a lot of the applique for this piece.  She is always busy with projects of her own, but made time to help me out and she is a real applique expert!  I am grateful for her help!

I was inspired by the lovely colors in a simple bowl of fruit for this project.  The applique is easy and fast and would make a great beginner project.  I imagine it on a patio table set for “Girls Night In” with a fresh garden salad, a loaf of great bread, and a pitcher of raspberry lemon drops!  Want to join me?  Come on over, we’ll sit down and have a good chat!

2 thoughts on “Featured Quilt of the Week! Sunwashed Summer

  1. I love this quilt! And someday (soon, hopefully) I will make one!

  2. Ya! Can’t wait to see you color combinations! Maybe Lynne is still available to help applique!

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