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Dedication mystery solved!


I’m often asked how I choose whom to dedicate my books.  The question comes up each time I have a new book release, and this time is no different.  Of course I love talking about my books, and the dedication is a very meaningful part of it for me.  My first two books were dedicated to different members of the family who had been supportive since my childhood and encouraged my sewing/quilting/craft habits, and who generally inspired my by their own creativity.

My new release from C&T, “Get Addicted to Free Motion Quilting” I felt I wanted to dedicate it to the people who were directly involved with my beginning as a longarm quilter.  Let me tell you about Judy Dillree, a long-time friend and quilter who seemed to think my crazy idea of buying a longarm machine (without ever having touched one) was a no-brainer!  She took me around to her favorite shops in the big city and from that I was able to develop a full time business in a matter of–no joke–less than six weeks!  I had no thought then of becoming an author, but looking back it was a huge leap to where I’ve taken the business today!

The quilters I’ve included in the dedication are those who taught me so much, either in their classes, or by simply looking at their outstanding work.  So, to Janet Fogg, Linda Taylor, Jodi Beamish and Marilyn Badger, thank you for  your insight, willingness to share, creativity and continuing freshness! You still inspire me!

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Deviating from the norm! Sewing vs. Quilting

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I just can’t decide!  What do I like best, sewing or quilting??  It depends on my mood, how much time I have available, and what project strikes my interest at the time.  I started out doing a LOT of garment sewing over the years and then got seriously into quilting.  Now, I like to do some of each!  The FREE project for this month is a fun Picnic Napkin Pattern!  You know, the kind you take with you to a pot-luck or picnic, where you’re supposed to take your own table service.  This is so fast and easy to make, and what I love best about any project–it is functional!  Hop on over to Lisa Bee Wilson’s blog to see her versions.  We’d love to see yours too, and let us know what events you’re taking them to!

Find some spunky fabric–you know it has to suit your personality–or make a statement!  You’ll have it done and ready in no time.  I’ll be using mine for the first time this Saturday at my quilt group.  When I come home, all I have to do is put the silverware in the dishwasher, and throw the napkin in the laundry!  Make a bunch of these, enough for the whole family, and then start planning your next picnic!

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Spring Quilt Market


Meeting Amy Marson, Portland Spring Market, 2013
Meeting Amy Marson, Portland Spring Market, 2013

I had an awesome day at Spring Quilt Market in Portland. As you can see I was able to meet AMY MARSON, publisher at C&T Publishing!  It was a real treat, we had a chance to actually visit and get to know each other a bit!  Turns out Amy (isn’t she the cutest) went to the same high school as my friend and companion for the day, Lisa Bee Wilson!  Small world!  Amy had some early promotional literature for my next book (which will be released in September), VERY fun to see that!  I’ll tell you more about that as it gets closer, and you’ll likely see me doing some jumping up and down at that point. 

Lisa and I also got to talk with LOTS of other favorites from the industry, and sadly missed a few who were there, but our timing was off as we didn’t cross paths.  The booths and quilts were motivating and inspirational, the people—-so talented it is humbling! It was a fun day.

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Rhododendron Quilt Guild, Florence Oregon

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Once again I’ve had a ton of fun at the Rhododendron Quilt Guild in Florence!  We got together for a lecture and trunk show. The following day we got together again for a fun class at the stunning conference room at Driftwood Shores.  The room is large, plenty of space for 20+ quilters, cutting tables, ironing boards etc.  We all had more than enough elbow room for working on A New York Minute, and even got to do our “seventh inning stretch”! (More about that in another post!)  Thank you to the guild for arranging my time there, and to Marcia for hosting me at her guest house!  I had a wonderful time and found a working 1927 Singer sewing machine in an antique shop, BONUS!  A couple quilters brought the finished quilts (Adjust the Horizontal from my first book, Pieced To Fit) they had made in a class with me in 2005–very impressive!  Can’t wait to come back and see all the New York Minutes!  We’ll be talking 🙂

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Valentine’s Day 2013

IMG_1352I know it’s a little late to post a Valentine’s Day card, but only the post is late, the card was actually on time!  I would love to do these hand made cards for every occasion, unfortunately  that just isn’t realistic!  This is a post card that is made as a foundation pieced “quilt” onto a stiff base.  Both sides are fabric.  Believe it or not the stamp sticks to the fabric with no problem and it goes through the mail just like a paper post card.  This one went to my Dad, I’ll get to see him in person at the end of the week when we go for a visit to AZ! Can’t wait.

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Connecting Threads!

redblack pincushion

Conecting Threads is a fun quilter’s resource! They have an on-line catalog as well as a hand held catalog that comes in the mail.  It’s chock-full of fabric, notions, kits, books and inspiration.  And guess what?? They have started carrying my “Color Wheel Pincushion Kit”! It’s such a cute little pincushion!  I hope you’ll check out the site, I know you’ll find something to love!

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Missing in Action!!

There has been a LOT of action taking place at my studio lately, enough to keep me from posting much lately.  Thanks to all of you who didn’t loose hope that I would return eventually!

This photo is of a quilt I finished recently, a fun project, just for NO REASON!  Those are the most relaxing quilts to finish!  Since then I’ve finished up 12 quilts for a SPECIAL PROJECT! (More about that later).  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I’m getting my home ready for a big day of cooking, eating, laughter, maybe a few games.  It’s always the best when the family gathers up. quilting buddy

It feels good to be able to get back to my routine of posting regularly.  I have a lot to share about the last couple of months!  Thanks to my quilting buddy Lisa at Towerhouse Quilts for letting me use her beautiful studio for some photos I needed.  This is one she took over my shoulder!

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A Quilter’s Affair!

I was delighted to be traveling to Sisters at the end of last week to take a class at A Quilter’s Affair.  There are such outstanding local, national and international teachers offering a huge variety of classes.  This year I took just one class from Portland designer Elizabeth Hartman called Tokyo Subway Map Quilt.  I chose to make the large 90×90 version scrappy with a melon colored background rather than white which Elizabeth used.  I’m so happy with the beginning of this quilt!  Not sure when I will EVER get back to in, but the first three blocks look dynamite and I do have a niece getting married in October (and a few deadlines between now and then)!  It was a fun day, Elizabeth is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and organized, and I was so happy to be sewing and having what I call a “free day”.  The picnic in the park that night was a hoot with Tonye Phillips, Sue Spargo and funny lady Gwen Marston doing show and tell.  Loved the comparison of how they all use freezer paper in their work and of course Gwen uses it to wrap her pork chops! Hahaha!

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Not ready to give up Christmas yet!

Check out this awesome Christmas quilt!  Makes me wish it were mine, and I have the perfect spot to hang it!  The quilt top was very well made by my friend Pat.  She used a TON of scrappy fabrics which make it so interesting to look at, and the narrow “logs” in the Log Cabin blocks give it a lot of texture.  Then the quilting was added, and you can see how much fun I had doing that!!  The finished piece is just outstanding!  I hope I get to see it again someday, maybe hanging in a quilt show?!  (hint-hint) 🙂

I was able to work on this quilt in the beginning of December and kick-start that holiday feeling, and I’m enjoying it again now, stretching the holidays out as long as I can!

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My Quilting Life

For those of you who haven’t met me, or never even heard of me, and for those of you who have, but are still curious, I’m a professional quilter! For me that means I started out as a longarm quilter, learning by the seat of my pants for the first year or so. After that I was lucky to be able to attend my first Machine Quilters Showcase, a longarm convention, and was bowled over, overwhelmed and inspired! I had seen the light and opened my eyes to the awesome possibilities of longarm quilting. That enlightenment continues to this day, more than ten years later.

I’ve been lucky to have quilted about 1800 quilts, taught longarm classes nationally and locally, designed quilts, authored a book (a second book will be ready for Spring Quilt Market 2011), developed a line of quilt patterns, taught piecing and project classes and best of all admired, touched, bought, stashed, stored, sewn and generally loved thousands of yards of fabric! What a life! I’ve been lucky to have met and learned from so many quilters, some famous and some not so famous, but all so interesting and talented, their energy has been inspiring and infectious.

I have lots of ideas, and can’t wait for the next inspiration. Since I started out as a longarm quilter, the quilting is very important to me, so just let me warn you, you’ll be hearing a lot more about that!