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“Mini-Me”! Color Wheel Pincushion!

SWEEEEET!  You’re gonna love this pincushion!  It’s been so fun to design and make, I’ve made a few already with a variety of fabric collections.  It hardly takes any fabric at all, and goes together so fast.  Make it today, use it tonight!  You’ve seen my big footstool, and this is the “mini-me” version in a 4″ diameter!  Perfect for treating yourself, or for gifts.  I’ve been able to pull together a kit which includes the foam, crushed walnut shells, tufting cord, felt, instructions and the plywood base with hardware to install your purchased feet.  All you add is the fabric and feet!  What could be easier!  I think I’ll make a truck-load of these, just for the fun of it!  When you orderyours, I’ll send it out the next day!

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Quilt-Lovers’ Favorites, American Patchwork & Quilting

I was reminded recently of an honor I recieved last year!  It’s so special to be included in a magazine, or in print at any time.  My quilt “Walled Garden” had been published in American Patchwork & Quilting magazine a few years ago, and was chosen to be included in the “Quilt-Lovers’ Favorites” too.  The book is a collection of 15 of their most popular patterns, but they’ve done something special and included other projects that can be made from the ideas in the patterns, like pincushions, pillows, tablerunners, aprons and wall hangings.  What fun to see this pattern in print again, and with two other versions than the one I had made originally! There is SO MUCH information on the AP&Q web site!  Take a few minutes to check it out!

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Feathered Stars!

I’ve had the pure pleasure of working on a Feathered Star quilt for a friend.  Besides having known each other for about 3 decades, we’ve worked together, and now have quilting in common too!

As you can see, the Feathered Star is a masterpiece!  Perfectly pieced, and I know this because I was “up close and personal” with it for many hours while I completed the quilting.  Another thing that puts this quilt in the masterpiece category is the adventurous use of scrappy fabrics pulled together with the neutral background and a killer focal fabric used for the border, not to mention the polka dot sashing! There are some surprises in there and lots to look at in this quilt.  Careful and consistent pressing can’t be seen on the surface but contribute more than you realize to the quality of the finished quilt.

My hat’s off to you Carolyn!  Congratulations, and may you have many years of that warm quilty feeling with this work of art!