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Best of Show & and Best Machine Quilting!

The Blackberry Jam is a fun festival in Lowell, Oregon.  It’s a fun couple of days, and they put on the sweetest quilt show EVER at the grange hall!  My friends at the Pine Needlers Guild organize and run the show.  I ‘happened’ to enter a quilt I had done as a collaborative work with my friend Pam.  Now, here’s the deal:  I don’t really enter shows much, and especially not because I think I should win.  I just enter because I know I make interesting quilts, and people like to see them!  So, as I arrived to see the show, Lisa grabbed me and we went running into the next room to see that I had won these fantastic ribbons!  What made it so special is that the ribbons are hand made and absolutily beautiful!  I wanted to give the Best of Show ribbon to Pam and keep the Best Machine Quilting ribbon, but she wants me to have BOTH!  Very generous!  Hmmm, wonder what we should enter next year…..!

2 thoughts on “Best of Show & and Best Machine Quilting!

  1. This quilt is stunning in it’s detail and complexity! You have set the bar high for the Blackberry Jam Quilt Show! Great job Sheila! Now….what to do next year?

  2. Sheila, well deserved honors! The quilt is just wonderful! Congratulations!

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