Respecting copy write laws!

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Some of you know I’ve been in this industry for many years, almost 2 decades now!  I’ve always done my best to be inspired by other quilters and ideas, and to ensure that my designs were uniquely mine, mine alone, and that there was no possibility that I had copied someone else’s design, especially in publishing.

To my surprise I have been alerted to a copycat of my Color Wheel Pincushion Kit.  What to do–what to do!?  I certainly can’t allow this to ruin the business I have worked to develop over the years, and so looking into it is what I will do.  I have contacted the other party, with no response.  My next step is to contact the group where the copycat pattern is being marketed. Next, I need to make my distributors aware, maybe they have an avenue to help in this situation.  I want to reassure my customers that I am doing everything I can to protect them and their investment of my kits for their shops.  Hang in there with me, and we will get this figured out!

One thought on “Respecting copy write laws!”

  1. That’s terrible Sheila~! I hope this gets resolved quickly. Years ago I had someone steal my business name, which was trademarked. Lucky for me I had a friend who spotted the offending business (he was a lawyer!) and let me know. My lawyer sent them a letter. Before they could change their name and signage, they went out of business. Karma is a …….. oh, that and they obviously didn’t have a creative bone in their body. If you are trying to be an entrepreneur, that doesn’t bode well! Good luck!

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