Footstool for a Fairy Princess!

 Baby Grace

What a beautiful baby! So sweetly sleeping on a footstool made by my daughter-in-law Samantha and I for this wee little one, the one week old daughter of Samantha’s boss.  The photographer, Nicole Hart of Portland, OR. added her deft touch and Ta-Da!  Pure magic! I’d love to see birthday pics of this baby with her footstool as she grows! May she have a happy and healthy life!

Of course, you could make your own footstool in my next class at Piece By Piece Fabrics in Eugene, or order the kit if the distance is too far. Naturally you will add your own fabrics and finishing elements (feet and buttons). Included are 9 pages of pictures throughout the narrative instructions making it easy to be successful.  I always have them on hand, so there is no delay.

My next post (you will see later) is related to this, an idea using up the left-over fabric from the footstool, you’ll probably want to make that too!

Fall is here!

Oh yeah!  My favorite time of year! The colors of fall, the smells of things roasting and simmering are invading the house.  The last camp fires of the year are here to savor. And QUILT season!  It’s a busy time, and full of excitement.  My annual Pacifica Quilt retreat is passed, along with the Pacific Northwest Quilt Expo, Pacific Northwest Quilt Festival (MQX) and next is Fall Market in Houston.  All over the country plans are being finalized, projects finished and packing is in mind, even if it isn’t started.  I still plan to take in a few more local quilt shows as I begin planning my winter projects.  But for now, I’ll raise my cup (of Chai tea with a shot of pumpkin spice) to fall and the sweet memories it brings.

Pacific NW Quilt Expo!


It’s almost here! I’ll be helping to set up the Expo booth tomorrow in Portland. I can’t wait to see the Expo Hall transformed into such an outstanding quilt show! There are so many awesome classes offered, some still have some openings so be sure to check the Pacific Northwest Quilt Expo web site for your favorites, and then register at the show.

I have two classes/lectures. “New Designers: How to Get Started” is Friday, 9-10am. “Going Pro”, a lecture on setting up a longarm quilting business is Saturday, 9-10am.
I’ll also be signing books in the Expo booth, #38, just to the left as you enter the door!

I’m going to love seeing so many of my long-time friends and customers there, and will no doubt meet some new ones!
If I’m out of touch for a few days, you’ll know I’ve been immersed in quilts/quilt talk and quilters!

Newest FREE Pattern: One Hour Table Runner!

Well, my one hour table runner is sewn and ready for quilting, but I don’t think I’ll let you see it until I have it quilted! That will come at a later date. Even so, I don’t want you to miss out on the pattern, which is posted here and you can see Lisa’s fall colors in her version over at Tower House Quilts. It is a fun one, and I know you’ll enjoy putting it together! Pull it from your stash, make it scrappy or planned, maybe in a holiday theme??!!
Start today and send a pic when you’re finished–you know I’d LOVE to see your version!

Dedication mystery solved!


I’m often asked how I choose whom to dedicate my books.  The question comes up each time I have a new book release, and this time is no different.  Of course I love talking about my books, and the dedication is a very meaningful part of it for me.  My first two books were dedicated to different members of the family who had been supportive since my childhood and encouraged my sewing/quilting/craft habits, and who generally inspired my by their own creativity.

My new release from C&T, “Get Addicted to Free Motion Quilting” I felt I wanted to dedicate it to the people who were directly involved with my beginning as a longarm quilter.  Let me tell you about Judy Dillree, a long-time friend and quilter who seemed to think my crazy idea of buying a longarm machine (without ever having touched one) was a no-brainer!  She took me around to her favorite shops in the big city and from that I was able to develop a full time business in a matter of–no joke–less than six weeks!  I had no thought then of becoming an author, but looking back it was a huge leap to where I’ve taken the business today!

The quilters I’ve included in the dedication are those who taught me so much, either in their classes, or by simply looking at their outstanding work.  So, to Janet Fogg, Linda Taylor, Jodi Beamish and Marilyn Badger, thank you for  your insight, willingness to share, creativity and continuing freshness! You still inspire me!

Don’t Miss OUT!

Sheila at machine 002MQX is coming up fast! The second week of October I’ll be teaching in Portland at MQX West. All you longarm-ers out there will want to see my new book in person, and there’s still room in my classes to sign up for  “Springy Things” and “Wreaths and Medallions”, both offered on October 9th. I have all sorts of new designs to share, and promise to make it a fun and informative time! Check out the MQX website to register. There will be a fun social night on Tuesday the 8th, where I’ll be meeting and greeting and showing off some new items. It will be a great time, looking forward to seeing you there!

Advance copy just arrived!

Hurray for FedEx! I’d had an email that it was coming, but it’s a thrill to see my 3rd book in person for the first time! All the late nights, planning, stitching and dreaming have come to fruition! GET ADDICTED TO FREE MOTION QUILTING arrived on my doorstep, all glossy and colorful…I am jumping up and down! Next, to sit in a comfortable chair and take a moment to savor the beautiful photography and lay-out. Thanks to the good people at C&T Publishing who trusted me and used their expertise to make it gel all together! I am thrilled to be a part of the C&T family.
GET ADDICTED TO FREE MOTION QUILTING will be released in September, no doubt you can pre-order copies now. More later about some details, classes and ideas. For now, I am simply celebrating!


Deviating from the norm! Sewing vs. Quilting

I just can’t decide!  What do I like best, sewing or quilting??  It depends on my mood, how much time I have available, and what project strikes my interest at the time.  I started out doing a LOT of garment sewing over the years and then got seriously into quilting.  Now, I like to do some of each!  The FREE project for this month is a fun Picnic Napkin Pattern!  You know, the kind you take with you to a pot-luck or picnic, where you’re supposed to take your own table service.  This is so fast and easy to make, and what I love best about any project–it is functional!  Hop on over to Lisa Bee Wilson’s blog to see her versions.  We’d love to see yours too, and let us know what events you’re taking them to!

Find some spunky fabric–you know it has to suit your personality–or make a statement!  You’ll have it done and ready in no time.  I’ll be using mine for the first time this Saturday at my quilt group.  When I come home, all I have to do is put the silverware in the dishwasher, and throw the napkin in the laundry!  Make a bunch of these, enough for the whole family, and then start planning your next picnic!


All choked up!

You know what happens when a friend makes one of your patterns, in a better version than the original? You get all choked up thinking that SHE wanted to try one of YOUR patterns, and that she chose such AMAZING fabrics! That’s what happened to me at the Pine Needler’s Quilt Guild a couple months ago. There were two lovely ladies that who brought show and tell of my patterns!  It was very touching, and though I didn’t break into the UGLY cry, I did get all choked up! Lora made a spunky version of “A New York Minute”, changing the size of the quilt just a bit. Her fabric and quilting just make me want to SHOUT! (Lift my hands up and) SHOUT! Come on now!
Virginia made an awesome “Swiss Army Quilt” in green and yellow, that is to die for! I hadn’t seen this pattern made in any other color but red, so it was a real treat to see it so well made, and quilted by Lisa of Towerhouse Quilts.
Both of these patterns are from my last book, Perfect Fit Pieced Borders.
If you EVER make one of my patterns, be sure to send pics so I can see the results!


The NEXT Generation!

I have a pretty big extended family, and we love to get together. The problem is, we all live so far away from each other! When we can get together, we love to play music, play games, cook and eat together, and work on projects!  Of course I try to steer them all to working with textiles–like me!  So today I’m going to  highlight one particular great-niece!

Beret lives in Minnesota, she’s sweet, smart, funny, and SHE’S THE ONE who’s interested in projects, textiles, crafts and learning something new!  I got to see her last month, and we had SO much fun together.  I went with a plan to teach her some embroidery stitches and we did some weaving too.  She made a pincushion with me last year when she was only 7!  We have a plan for next year. Beret wants to learn to sew, after that crochet and maybe knitting!  Of course in between all the crafty things, we played some baseball, played in the sand box, and worked in the garden.  Fun times with the fam, that’s what it’s all about!