IMG_1673The Studio Quilt.

I needed a fun and fast design that would suit my latest book and show off the quilting designs well in photography.  From Get Addicted to Free Motion Quilting!


Blackberry jamcloseupSee this beautiful quilt at the Northwest Quilt Expo in Portland, September 19-21!

WalledGardenWalled Garden.

From my book, Perfect Fit Pieced Borders.  It uses my idea of building the borders as block units to ensure they fit the quilt perfectly!

102_1235A New York Minute.

An all time favorite, also from my book Perfect Fit Pieced Borders.  A great beginner quilt, fast and easy!

RingOfFireRing of Fire.

I love the subtle checkerboard background of this quilted throw.  The coziness factor is high since it’s made of lightweight flannel and brushed homespun. From Perfect Fit Pieced Borders.

10Shooting Stars.

Such a fun quilt to put together!  It is built as a Hunter Star, so getting the stars to float diagonally across the quilt is a nice organizational challenge, but I’ve done all the problem solving, and you get the fun of making it happen! From Perfect Fit Pieced Borders.  The pieced borders finish the quilt with a charming colorful inner border.

SpinalCordSpinal Cord.

A very dramatic modern quilt from Perfect Fit Pieced Borders.  You won’t believe what the block is!

TheDramaClubThe Drama Club.  Designed and made by my friend Judy Dillree for Perfect Fit Pieced Borders.  So popular in classes and a fun piece to choose fabrics.


A whimsical applique quilt. Notice the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper and the Milky Way?  From Perfect Fit Pieced Borders.

SunWashedSummerSunwashed Summer from Perfect Fit Pieced Borders. My dear friend Lynne Ackerman helped with the applique so I could meet my deadline.

TulipsToGoTulips to Go.

A fun applique quilt with velvet rick-rack used as the stems.  Lots of quilting ideas included with the pattern.  From Perfect Fit Pieced Borders.

05Swiss Army Quilt.

This would make a great graphic T-shirt quilt, or done in school colors to send some happy young man off to college! From Perfect Fit Pieced Borders.

ConversationStarterConversation Starter.  This was done as a round robin, passed monthly among a group of friends.  Stunning result, I had to include it in my book, Perfect Fit Pieced Borders!

BlackEyedBatikBlack Eyed Batik.

A table runner, so colorful and fun. From Perfect Fit Pieced Borders.

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  1. I am new to your blog and I LOVE all your quilts and everything you’ve done. Wish I lived closer so I could come to a lecture or class. I’m on the East coast but can keep up here with everything you do.

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